Sunday, October 2nd, 2022

What Does It Take To Get A Body Like Hrithik Roshan? Know It From His ‘Fighter’ Trainer Kris Gethin 

Hrithik Roshan is known as the greek god of Bollywood because of his killer abs and slim lean man physique and according to his fitness trainer Kris Gethin, who is also working on his body for the forthcoming film ‘Fighter’, says he is very dedicated to every craft he applies himself and that it’s quite inspiring.


When asked about the special techniques the trainer is putting in for Hrithik to outperform his role as a fighter, he says, “There is no special technique different from what we have done in the past other than parlay around his injuries. He’s always done a lot of his own stunts. Hence, over the years he has sustained quite a few injuries.


“We need to do specific exercises where we target muscles. So, we first activate the muscle before actually training it. This way it’s fully prepared and stabilized,” says Gethin in a conversation with Outlook.

‘Fighter’ is touted to be India’s first aerial action film, and will require the lead stars to take up intense physical fitness routines to meet the demands of the flick. The film marks Roshan’s third project with Anand after ‘Bang Bang’ and the smash hit ‘War’. Also starring Deepika Padukone, the film is set to go on floors in November, 2022,


Gethin, who in the past has worked with Arjun Kapoor, John Abraham, Imran Khan, Karan Johar, etc, says that while training Hrithik, he prioritises his health and recovery. “We make sure that he is grounding himself, meditating twice a day, stretching, taking daily ice baths and using red light panels that emit the restorative red frequencies of the sun during the monsoon season.”


Hrithik also has a hyperbaric oxygen machine, which, again, helps speed up the wound healing process and recovery, says the trainer adding that he has used all these machines and biohacks on himself and many other clients over the years, and although they may not contribute to a better physique, they can help with longevity and recovery.


While talking about fitness mistakes to avoid as a fitness beginner, Gethin says that do not get influenced by anyone on social media platforms or compare yourself to experienced lifters.  Also, do not bulk up on calories from burgers, pizza, sugar, or deep-fried foods. 


“Apart from these, always bulk up/build muscle only using clean calories. Go for things like rice, potato, oats, avocado, olive oil, proteins, such as poultry, tofu, paneer, fish, eggs, and protein powders. Do not go to bed late and I say this because if you stay up late your cortisol levels will remain elevated, making muscle building or fat burning very difficult,” he says and adds that it is important to take a rest day after two days of lifting. “Don’t spend more than an hour in the gym. It should be based on quality workouts, not quantity,” he says.

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