Sunday, October 2nd, 2022

Zoya Akhtar: Chivalry In 2022 Is Men Calling Out Toxic Behaviour In Other Men

Modern relationships are more mature now than ever. As we navigate modern ways of dating in 2022, people are becoming more aware and assertive about what they are looking for in a partner. To help navigate modern relationships, some of the most sought-after celebrities in India are engaged in thought-provoking, candid conversations in the web series ‘Dating These Nights’.

In the first episode, renowned film director and screenwriter Zoya Akhtar and actor Jim Sarbh are seen sharing their own dating experiences, and discussing what healthy masculinity looks like.

Speaking about how she creates male characters for the big screen, Zoya Akhtar shares, “I think of the men I like and the men I’d want more of in the world. Pop culture has a lasting effect. It is also a mirror we hold up to society. So, when I create a character, I try to create one that enables a positive reaction, that probably becomes a role model that men often lack and one that normalises things like men opening up to other men, calling out toxic behaviours, or just being sensitive.”

Speaking on modern masculinity, Jim Sarbh shares, “Maybe modern masculinity is more about being a complete person or being a self-actualised person, than about being any particular kind of man.”

He adds, “I consider myself fluid when it comes to these concepts as I don’t hold myself to ‘what should be,’ in terms of gender ideas. Masculinity is entirely subjective but I believe we should consider each human being for what they are as opposed to caging them in societal norms. Hailing from an industry that easily typecasts, I am thrilled to be engaged in conversations that go beyond the shackles of traditional notions. More so with Bumble, as this turns out to be my second rendezvous with them, and I applaud the kind of work they do.”

When asked about what chivalry looks like in 2022, Zoya Akhtar shares, “To me, chivalry in 2022 is men calling out toxic behaviour in other men.” She also added that it is about “not expecting anything in return.”

Excited to team up for the show, Zoya Akhtar and Jim Sarbh pointed out that it is important to have these conversations openly more often and go back to the blackboard, redefining conventions and breaking barriers.

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